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Round 37 ("Caught on a Breeze")
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Deadline for challenges is September 25, 2010.

Challenge 178 - Black Magic (Regular)

Source   Z!nk Canada (Summer 2010)
Model   Asia Bugajska
Photographer   Julia Pogodina
Credits   Overstock
Instructions   Fantastical and mysterious, this ed is just gorgeous. Use these photos to make a collage that does them proud!

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Challenge 179 - Cast Away (Regular)

Source   Z!nk Canada (Summer 2010)
Model   Niomi
Photographer   Martin Tremblay
Credits   Overstock
Instructions   Why do I think of Dali when I look at these photos? Maybe because they're so gorgeous they're surreal. You know the drill: make a pretty collage out of the photos and add all the effects you like. :)

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Challenge 180 - Boy Toy (Add Colour)

Source   Z!nk Canada (Summer 2010)
Model   Jason Poisson
Photographer   Greg Swales
Credits   Overstock
Instructions   It's pretty rare to find an AC challenge featuring a man, so we're going to fix that! (Besides, he's not hard to look at, which never hurts.) Choose a photo and give Jason some colour, yeah?

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Challenge 181 - Double Trouble (Add Colour)

Source   Z!nk Canada (Summer 2010)
Model   Sarah Jordan
Photographer   Maude Arsenault
Credits   Overstock
Instructions   The depth of Sarah's eyes is really awesome for colourizing, so I'm excited to see what you guys do with this photo!